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What is an NDIS plan?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIS) assists you with an individual plan detailing the support you need and the ones that will receive the funding from the NDIS. You have the choice and the control regarding the support you receive and the providers you use.

What will the NDIs plan cover?

NDIS will pay for different service requirements for different people to gain more independence in everyday living. It may include

  • Engaging with the community, finding a job
  • Finding the help, you require
  • Getting the equipment and aids that will assist you

Are there any support services that NDIS will not pay for?

Yes, there are supports that NDIS does not pay for; it does not cover things that do not assist with your disability. For example, food, electricity or supports that are already funded by other organisations.

How will my NDIS fund be managed?

You can do it in three ways – you can do it on your own, ask Towers Care for assistance or request the NDIA for help. You can plan to use a combination of these three as well.

Can I get help with the planning?

You can access the working plan book for further guidance. It can be accessed here: www.ndis.gov.au/participants/planning-process. For any additional help or queries, contact us and our team will assist you with everything. 

What are support services available under the NDIS through Towers Care?

We at Towers Care offer all support services to the participants through every stage of life and disability levels.

Our support includes:

  • Freedom with everyday living
  • Transition assistance
  • Moving out of home or setting up a new home
  • Therapy services
  • Learning new skills and improve the existing ones
  • Develop fruitful relationships with friends, family and others
  • Engagement with the community
  • Finding employment opportunities

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Is there any limit to the funding available to me?

NDIS does not limit the funding for the participants. It is tailored to the specific needs, and all supports are provided if it is considered as ‘reasonable and necessary.’ The focus is never on the cost of funding, but the supports you need to achieve your goals. 

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