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Short Term Accommodation and Assistance – An Encouraging and Safe Place to Enjoy the Most

Towers Care short-term accommodation services are administered by a committed, qualified, and friendly team that caters to the participants’ every need. The environment is safe and supportive, where the emphasis remains on participants’ learning of new skills and creating a free atmosphere for all.

Also known as respite, under the NDIS plan, the short-term accommodation is a residential home shared with other guests.

A homely environment welcomes the participants as they develop their skills and interact while trying out new things.

Consider it as an opportunity for residents and carers to have an enjoyable break from the daily routines. At Towers Care, you are assured of:

  • Availability of specialized support staff at all times
  • An accessible and supportive environment
  • Accommodation for all ages and disability levels
  • Nutritious meals throughout the day
  • Social activities, therapies, and more.
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