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Supported Independent Living – Your own Place to Call a Home​

The Supported Independent Living Solutions at Towers Care provides a home-like environment for the participants in a shared setting. You are with people who share common interests and support needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)​

It is an NDIS funded support for people with disabilities to live in a shared home. The supports are available on a 24/7 basis for each resident and includes:

Towers Care Support​

Search & Select

We help you search and select the best-suited accommodation that suits your requirements.


Find residents that share similar interests like yours to ensure the best compatibility.


Build your home with our support to gain more independence.


Getting in touch with your local community and the surroundings.

Support available at Towers Care

We offer the best support with daily tasks, whether as a group or individually. The goal is to provide you more independence in your daily tasks and living. These supports may be in the form of:

All the residents and even their families have a say in living in a supported independent setting. Living almost like one big family, all informed decisions are taken together within the home with everyone’s inputs.

There are 4-5 housemates with whom you share the home. These are individuals like you with everyday support needs, personality, and interests. It is an opportunity to learn, unlearn, and share life experiences in an enjoyable social home environment.