Understand Your NDIS Plan

Often the participants struggle when it comes to understanding the NDIS plan, its features, and the support available under it. Here, we explain the details, including the support categories, and share some ideas on how best to use your funding. 

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Support Types available in an NDIS plan

With NDIS, you receive funding under three different types. These are – Core, Capital, and Capacity Building. All the supports provided to the participants are further divided into support categories. It cannot be evident for many; hence, we simplify it for you. 

Simplifying the supports in your plan

Depending on the goals as specified by you, the NDIS funding for you may include: 

  • Core Funding covering functional support needs for your daily living and participation in community support and activities. 
  • Capital Funding includes purchasing items like equipment, modifications, or technology. It also covers funding for specialist disability accommodation.
  • Capacity Building supports skill-building, learning, accessing employment, capacity building, improving overall health, and support coordination. 

Getting the specific support funded

There may be instances where your NDIS plan does not accurately outline your discussion’s critical points during the planning meeting. In other cases, the participant may feel that a few things are not right for him somehow. 

In such scenarios, you can request a review within 90 days of receiving your plan. 

Get in touch with our team for a quick resolution. 

Your new NDIS plan

The plan of the participant gets activated from the date he/she receive the approval. One can find this date on the front page of the plan. Ideally, the participant should commence with implementing the NDIS plan as soon as it is received. It lets the supports continue even if you are dissatisfied or looking for some changes in its provisions.

It is suggested to proceed in this manner because all of the existing funding stops once the NDIS plan is approved. 

Managing your plan

Once your NDIS plan is approved, it gets automatically implemented. It also means that it is critical to manage your funds and have your support’s proper organization. 

For most of the participants, it is a complicated task. It may get challenging for them to manage it on their own. However, support is also available for this purpose. 

We at Towers Care are here to help all the participants with:

Plan Management – Managing of the NDIS funds conveniently and accurately

Support Coordination – Finding, connecting, and selecting the best service providers for you. 

Our team at Towers care has the experience, expertise, and aptitude in the NDIS process. We will gladly answer all your queries and address your concerns. 

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