About Us


As a person-centred service provider, we will empower people to become valued members of the community with greater independence.


Create a life rich with opportunities by expanding potential and strengthening the community.

Core Values

Respect, inclusion, growth, and excellence are our everyday guiding principles.

About Us

We, at Towers Care, are committed to offering flexible NDIS services to support the participants’ lifestyle, family needs, aspirations and interests. Our responsive approach to our client’s needs is what sets us apart. Our support is for children and adults from 2 to 64 years old with sensory, physical, psychiatric, neurological and intellectual disabilities. Our support and assistance with daily living requirements and accommodation help you improve your quality of life, connect with the community and get closer to your life goals. 

Our trained and compassionate team makes all the efforts to know you and understand your needs to work in the best possible way in every step. Our quality centred evaluation process works to deliver results that make a difference in the participant’s life. 

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