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Daily Living

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Empowering Choice and Control: Comprehensive NDIS Support Services for Your Journey

Our commitment to ensuring choice and control for the participants is persistent. As NDIS service providers, our support for the participants is available at home, in the community, at the workplace, in education, with specialists, allied health and independent living, and in finding and keeping jobs.  

Our approach puts you and your happiness as well as life’s goals first. Your support requirements remain at the center of everything that we do. We continuously strive to ensure that you do not deviate from your journey towards your goals and receive all the support that you ever need.

Our personalised support services assist people in their every endeavour.

Supports available in the NDIS

The funding available at NDIS for the participants includes the purchase of a range of supports that increases their independence, inclusion in the community, and economic and social participation. The whole working model is designed, keeping the participants’ requirements in mind and offers flexibility and includes innovativeness.

The individual participant here has the control and choice regarding the support and the payments. It is expected that the range of supports funded by the NDIS will expand over time.

There are three support purpose categories: CORE, CAPITAL, and CAPACITY BUILDING.

Daily Living

There are 15 categories that align with the purpose of funded supports. Daily living comes under the category of the CORE support category.

CORE: It is that category of support that makes the participant complete all daily living activities. It empowers them to work conveniently towards their goals and meet life objectives.

Daily living supports are about everyday life skills. It includes assistance and supervision that enables you to live as independently as possible. These support services are available for the NDIS participants as and where required. From home, office, or community, these supports bring freedom and empowerment to the participant’s life.

Assistance with Daily Living

Decision making related to household tasks, domestic tasks assistance, and personal care. Meals, its preparation, help, and supervision about daily life functions are also included here. Whether the living environment is independent or shared, or the short-term accommodation, daily living assistance is available for the participants.


Transport or even specialised transport for a school education or employment programs, and community. Travel empowers the participants to access the community for various productive purposes, from vocational, recreational to employment purposes. The participants will receive the funds on a fortnightly basis in advance to pay for these services.


This support category helps the participants with the purchase of everyday items. It will include translation, interpretation, continence, and other similar requirements.

Assistive Technology

These are the necessary equipment for recreation and assistive products for household tasks and assistive products for personal care and safety. Vehicle modification, even if it requires installation or changes, is included. Equipment in a vehicle that supports participants to travel safely as a passenger or to drive is included.

Improved Daily Living

covers assessment, training, development, and therapy for assistance in developing skills for independence and community participation.

Benefits of Daily Living Supports

The daily living supports to enable the participant to work steadily towards the goals and interests as discussed and defined in the planning meeting. It empowers the participants with greater independence by equipping them with control and choice. Eventually, when there is more social and economic participation, the participant benefits in more ways than one.

Only ‘reasonable and necessary’ support

For any support to be considered reasonable and necessary, it should be directly associated with the participant’s disability. It will contribute towards the productivity of the participants and should justify the financials involved as well.

However, living costs that are unrelated to the disability support needs will not be covered.