Support Coordination

Support Coordination- Support that is designed to make the most of your NDIS funds

Support Coordination helps in strengthening the participant’s ability to build support with a focus on connecting complex service delivery environments.

The emphasis here remains to assist people in giving direction to their lives through the support services. It entails working cohesively to understand the funding, identifying the participants’ expectations, and designing the support system accordingly. It also includes guidance for developing the capacity in their networks.

The outcomes of Support Coordination improve a person’s capacity and develop and implement the supports, making it sustainable. It includes:

Connecting – Developing knowledge, experience, and connections with the community and other broader systems of support.

Support Design – Working with the participant to understand the funding aspects and the objectives. Our Support Coordinator explains the complexities of the NDIS plan and understands the participant’s skills to identify the best support services.

Establish supports– Identification and linking the support options to the broader system of supports for implementing the implementation.

Crisis– Resolution of points of crisis and develop capacity and resilience in the person’s network.

Coaching– mentoring the participant through the challenges and assisting in preparation for review and reporting the outcomes achieved. 

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