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Social Empowerment

Building your capacity through social and community participation

In this capacity building category of NDIS, supports assistance is provided in accessing the community for all social and recreational activities, whether individually or in a group. The supports include attending the center-based program to develop skills that help the participants access the community independently. 

It includes assistance with activities that build skills and independence. This support provides the participants with experiences that aim to improve the ability to interact and participate with the community. 

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

The NDIS assesses the participant’s need for Assistance with Social and Community Participation on an individual basis. If your requirement qualifies to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ for meeting your needs and achieving your goals. 

For the participants, therefore, it is vital to be prepared for the Plan Meeting. 

Towers Care can help you with this and more. 

Speak to us, and we will guide you with the best possible way to prepare for NDIS Plan review meetings. 

Call us for a free pre-planning session, and we give you the best chance of getting the help you need. 

Talk to us about the best way to prepare for your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting – we can make sure you have the very best chance of getting the help you need.

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